Collectors Selection

Artists exhibiting at Collectors Selection

Eve Shepherd MRBS SPS  Sculpture

Eve’s sculptures combines portraiture and mythology and has been compared to that of Rodin, Donatello, Camille Claudel and Frances Bacon. Her expressive style is unique, with her work being exhibited and collected internationally.  She works primarily in bronze and ceramic on scales ranging from miniature to monumental.

Fiona Morley Wire on canvas  

Fiona currently works and lives in Brighton though she studied Sculpture at The Edinburgh College of Art where she gained her Fine Arts Degree. She has since exhibited in galleries in the UK and New York, and her work has appeared in many international art fairs. 

Her work combines both sculpture and drawing with her chosen media, wire. This lifts the drawn line off the page to bring to it a new quality and depth. Fiona uses this technique to explore humanness of which all aspects, not only form but psychology and spirituality fascinate her. Drawn to this subject matter for many years, it is only in her most recent works she has started to integrate the wider connections and aspects of nature within her practice.

Hazel Reeves MRBS FRSA SWA  Sculpture 

Hazel Reeves is an award-winning figurative sculptor, passionate about people and their stories, with figure and portrait commissions in bronze a speciality. Recent commissions include the monumental Sir Nigel Gresley statue for King’s Cross station and The Cracker Packers in Carlisle. She is currently working on a commission for a statue of Emmeline Pankhurst to be placed in Manchester. A small model of this will be shown at the open house . Hazel was awarded the prestigious Society of Portrait Sculptors’ Master Class Prize in both 2010 and 2012, and the Falle Fine Art ‘Bronze’ Award in 2010. Hazel is based in Brighton. 

Jackie Summerfield   Sculpture

Jackie  is a  ceramic artist who  produces original figurative sculptural ceramics and also works to commission. Portrait busts, decorative wall panels and stylized animals form the basis of her works.  The techniques of sculpting the clay, refining the surface and paying atttention to detail and finish are essential elements in her original creativity. She says about her work "I have been working with clay all my life, I love the texture, the versatility and the plasticity of the material".

Jonathan Wright Sculpture, Installations

Jonathan Wright (BA Hons Fine Art, MA Sculpture RCA) makes sculpture, installations and drawings. He is based in Kent and regularly exhibits nationally and internationally. Most recently he participated at Folkestone Triennial with an installation which celebrates Folkestone's remaining fishing fleet - Fleet on Foot.

Following a national competition Jonathan's work Constellation was chosen to be the inaugural sculpture for Hove Plinth - launching 21 April 2018. He  will be exhibiting small models of icons that are incorporated in that sculpture at the open house. 

John Alden  Automata

"From an early age I have had in interest in making toys. I was born in 1935 so my early childhood was affected by the Second World War. Toy manufacturing virtually ceased but I was lucky, both my mother and father made toys and I soon learned how to use a hammer and nails to join two pieces of wood to make a sword. That began a lifetime’s interest in toys and eventually led me to making Automata. My creations are mostly made from wood and found objects, the mechanisms are simple and hand operated. They are often surprising and humorous and if they make you smile then my purpose has been achieved. Exhibitions have included the British Toymakers Guild at the Oxo Tower London and the world’s largest number of automata makers’ exhibition at the First Gallery, Southampton in 2008."

John Baldwin  Narratives in wood

John Baldwin creates intricate and unique sculpted artwork in wood and has exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad. John says of his current work : “Having worked for too long on large sculptural and architectural projects, mostly in glass reinforced plastic, it was with relief that I was able to devote time to developing ideas on a more intimate scale. In choosing wood as a medium I aim to achieve the desired result in the most direct manner".

Lorna Tyler Sculpture

“ My interest is in sculpting the human body shown through an exploration of the tender qualities of it’s forms using clay fired to stoneware or cast in bronze or bronze resin. Currently I am exploring “the inner child” and portraying moments of curiosity, discovery and fun which we often lose in adulthood.

My work is now on exhibition at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and has shown at the ING Discerning Eye and Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries and other venues in the UK.

Olivia Ferrier  Sculpture

After having obtained her honours degree in ceramics at Bath Spa university, Olivia completed a three month residency in India then went to live and exhibit work in Australia for 2 years. On her return Olivia spent time training sculpture at the Florence Academy before returning to the UK to become a full time sculptor. Olivia now works in ceramics and bronze at her studio at New England House Brighton. She won the Special Sculpture Award at the Society of Women Artists (SWA) 2011 exhibition.
"The human figure plays a central part in my making, I spend a lot of time observing and drawing movement, posture, strength, spirit and individuality.'I generally make original pieces in clay and then cast into bronze using lost wax casting methods, I also cast found objects into wax and model the waxes into a form, ready to cast into bronze".

Pierre Diamantopoulo  MRBS Sculpture, Painting  

A member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, Pierre has staged a wealth of solo and mixed shows, in London and throughout UK, exhibiting at the Royal West of England Academy on a number of occasions. He showcased in the Twenty First Century British Sculpture Exhibition at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, with the Cass Sculpture Foundation for Monumental Art and his art is in private, corporate and international collections.

Pierre was awarded Arts Council funding for his landmark "Kandi Sky" in painted steel, spanning 22 metres, now standing amongst the Northern Gateway Sculptures.

One strand of his figurative style is a response to a profound sense of unrest: androgynous figures tilt and flee on a chaotic and shifting stage. The other nmixes dark foolery, the poetic and the carnivalesque with theatre and folklore - blended with a sort of logical nonsense. Pierre's original gallery works are often exhibited alongside maquettes intended for the public realm. To realise the latter he collaborates with steel fabricators and bronze foundries. 

Pierre's work  Flight of the Langoustine will be the second sculpture to be placed on Hove Plinth, following Jonathan Wright's Constellation.

Simon Royer  Painting

Simon Royer is an artist with a love of natural history and the environment. Self taught he works in a variety of media, including oil, acrylic and sculpture.  All his works depict the physical, tactile relationship we have with our world. More often than not Royer’s works contain a story, his interest and concern with the environment is overriding. Royer’s intuitive portrayal of his subject matter and the striking vitality apparent in all his artworks has brought him many admirers and collectors.Royer has had solo exhibitions in London, Denver and Brighton and has works in both private and corporate collections worldwide, including Cine Aqua-Aquarium Paris. In 2012, Royer exhibited work in both the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) and the Royal Society of Oil Painters (ROI) Annual Exhibitions at the Mall Galleries in London. In 2013 he was finalist in the BBC Wildlife Art Competition and in 2014 he exhibited at the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Art Exhibition. 


Alberto Martinez  Painting

Alberto was born in Cuba in 1977. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts 'Oscar Fernandez Morera', in Trinidad, Cuba, specializing in sculpture, design and cartoonism. After his Fine Arts degree he participated in numerous collective and solo exhibitions in Cuba. He also designed and produced billboards and general art works while in the army. He now lives and work in  Brighton where he has exhibited his distinctive work for several years. A master of the unexpected, Alberto brings surrealist wit and imagination to his adopted city, challenging our conventional views of our surroundings. 

Andrew Gifford  Painting

Andrew Gifford, recognised as one of the most innovative landscape painters today, works from the Phoenix studio in Brighton and exhibits regularly at the John Martin Gallery in London. Of the paintings included in the Collectors’ Selection open house he says: "Most of my paintings are attempts to describe light both natural and artificial in some way, I also make many of paintings in series, this can reveal how dramatically the look or feel of a place can change with the passing of time and therefore light." Andrew recent exhibitions have been of cityscapes ranging from Jerusalem and Ramallah to Middlesbrough. His most recent paintings of New York will show both in New York and London. 

April Young   Sculpture

April Young is an established British sculptor producing expressive, figurative pieces in a variety of materials from clay to foundry bronze. Movement and the natural world, in particular sensitive, yet unsentimental animal studies are a strong feature in the work. Her concepts are often enriched by her love of literature, folklore and mythology.
April has been commissioned to work in a number of materials and to various scales from small works for giftware for Border Fine Arts, to life-sized bronze figures as a corporate commission for Morgan Stanley.As well as being held in private collections in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Holland, the United States and New Zealand, her work has gallery representation throughout England, Scotland and Ireland, including at major regional Art Fairs such as AAF London, Art Ireland and Glasgow Art Fair each year.

Darvish Fakhr  Painting

Darvish Fakhr trained at Museum School of Fine Art Boston and at Slade School of Fine Art in London. He moved to Brighton 15 years ago and has since been sourcing its people and surroundings for inspiration. Darvish has participated regularly in the BP Portrait Award and won the prestigious National Portrait Gallery Travel Award in 2004. His nine piece panel of the dancer Akram Kahn is now part of the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection. His recent and hugely successful solo show in Tehran, The Nomadic Salon, was an attempt to distill in paint the multi-cultural aspects of his life: an orientalist trying to make sense of the East, and an occidentalist re-examining the West.

Diane Brandrett   Painting

My background is in cartography and technical illustration, both requiring a level of draughtmanship with an attention to detail and a need to convey visual information accurately. This has influenced the way that I approach my art, with my commissions ranging from portraiture to Trompe LOeil murals where the fun of deceiving the eye creates the illusion of reality. I am a member of the Sussex Arts Collective and participate in their exhibitions.

My introduction to gold leaf was as part of the Royal Pavilion conservation team and  my love of the South Downs with its gently swelling curves and undulating form has inspired me to use gold leaf to convey the warmth and  ethereal quality of the majestic skies and  rolling chalk lands of our beautiful Sussex landscape.

Aksorn Rukpong
“The majority of ideas for my work come from my fascination with the phenomenal qualities of light and my experience of being in different cultures and places.”
Aksorn has studied fine arts in Bangkok, Thailand and at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. Following her degree show in 2007 she was picked out for a London exhibition featuring best art work of postgraduates from London art colleges. She lived in Brighton for many years before moving back to Bangkok where she and her husband Pongtarin have a design study.  She has exhibited in Bangkok and continues to produce paintings for exhibition in UK, many of them reflecting her memories of Brighton.

Alan Wickham
Alan studied art and graphic design at Eastbourne College of Art and Brighton Art College, and then went on to work as an art director for a London advertising agency. He started painting in 1995 and has produced drawings and cartoon work which has been featured in the national press. Alan is now working mainly on water colours from his Brighton studio.

Annie Mendelow 
"I have been painting and exhibiting in Scotland and London for over 35 years and been a  Hove resident since 2004.
I enjoy using oil on canvas to paint vibrant still life works and drawing with pastels to portray the female form directly with the model. Recently I have used etching techniques to make new work. I exhibited regularly in The Royal Glasgow Institute, Scottish Watercolour Society and many of my paintings are in collections in Scotland, Europe and Canada."

Cyril Mount
Cyril Mount, who sadly died in February 2013, had been painting for over 70 years. He served in North Africa during the war and his paintings from this time are in the Imperial War Museum along with later commissioned work. He is also represented at the National Army Museum and at the Royal Artillery Museum. A mainly figurative painter, his work was always evolving - all life was there. He combined a sense of the serious and the mischievous and described himself as a "life-time rebel", though lately “almost reformed”. His solo exhibition "Ruffling feathers" at University of Bradford (March 2011) brought together a collection of work he donated to the Department of Peace Studies, which highlighted the futility of war and the machinations of power.

Edwina Bracken
Edwina graduated with an honours degree in Fine Art from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin in 2000. She won the RDS Prize for Printmaking the same year.  She has exhibited in Ireland, England, Germany and Finland. Her work is represented in both public and private collections. 
Her path as an artist is led by instinct and inspiration from the places to which she has travelled. The re-occurring theme of Place, focused both on the natural and built environment, form the basis of her compositions. Edwina’s background in traditional, fine print techniques inform her exploration of the tactile qualities of acrylic and collage in her paintings.
Edwina lives and works in Brighton.

Ina Hsu
Ina Hsu, is a young Austrian born painter who lives and works in Tyrol. She is a graduate of the IFOG Academy in Munich and the University of Fine Arts in Linz. Visiting Ina Hsu in her studio you will never find her on her own, as she is usually surrounded by any number of pets. She lives exactly in the way that is depicted in her paintings: in the peaceful coexistence of animals with human beings.  This kind of coexistence in her paintings is creating an idea of Paradise Lost, a Utopia which is waiting to be discovered. Ina has had a number of successful exhibitions in Austria and Germany. she has personal connections with Brighton and 2012 was her first exhibition in the UK.

Jai Lusser
Jai is self taught as a photographer and creator of the Garden Expansion Kits – a series of weatherproof photographic prints designed to open up new and surprising horizons in even the smallest of gardens. Jai produces bespoke work on commission.

John Link 
John Link has a growing reputation among collectors for his unique Shakespeare-inspired paintings.   His  first solo exhibition was in 2004 at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London.  He has since had similarly successful solo shows at The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon and The Rose Theatre in Kingston.  His portrait of William Shakespeare is at Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford.Link has a lifetime’s experience of Shakespeare, having worked for 45 years as a director/producer in both Theatre and TV. He has always had a particular interest in the playwright’s work, an interest that he has now transferred from the 3D medium of the live production to canvas.  Shakespeare’s subject – essentially that of the human condition – in paintings of characters and scenes from plays; people, musing on the nature of existence, edging towards some momentary insight, their life’s experience etched into their faces.  Says Link:  ‘I am absorbed by the landscape of the face.  In some particular way, faces reflect the human journey and, as rooms have ghosts so, too, do faces.’

Lester Manuel Corzo

Lester graduated from the academy of fine arts "Oscar Fernández Morera (Trinidad. Cuba) in 2004, where he specialized in painting. From 2005 to 2008, he  taught paintng and drawing at the professional academy of fine arts "Beni More" in the province of Cienfuegos (Cuba). Here he participated in exhibitions in which he won several awards. In 2008 he moved to Trinidad, where he worked at the gallery "Area 452" and for "pulsart" in Denmark. He currently lives in Tilburg, in the Netherlands, where he works as an artist. His work can be found in private collections in Denmark, USA, Canada, France, Spain, England, Germany, Switzerland and Cuba. 

Lynn Warren Sculpture

"My sculpture is largely about mood and movement, often inspired by natural, organic forms. As I try to find its essential expression and energy, the work often takes on a life of its own, assuming varying degrees of human gesture and emotion.  At other times, I look directly to the human figure, but remain fascinated by the search for abstraction rather than representation.

I love to work with a variety of clays, sometimes incorporating wood and other materials and casting the final sculptures with metal resins and acid finishes. I also have work produced for me in foundry bronze. "

Marie Prett 

Marie is a ceramic artist whose influences include Chagall for his bold colours and original story telling and Klimt for his beautiful use of colour and pattern. Marie's passion is for the narrative in each piece; the story behind the smile and humorous pose.: "It is my constant aim to create an infusion of energy, movement, colour and humour into each piece; to inspire curiosity and make people smile". Marie exhibits regularly and is planning to open her own gallery. 

Naomi Tydeman RI  
Naomi is an award winning  watercolourist and was elected to membership of the RI (Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour) in 2004.  She exhibits regularly at the Mall Gallery in London and have won several prestigious awards, including Welsh Artist of the Year watercolour prize and several RI prizes including the Winsor and Newton prize for the most outstanding group of paintings in this years RI show. Naomi has her own gallery in Tenby, Wales.

Nicola Slattery
Art for me is all about imagination. There is a cast of people that inhabit my imagination and who are content in the situations that I create for them. I like to hope that by imagining better worlds we take some steps towards improving the real world. Born in 1963, I graduated from Coventry School of Art (BA Fine Art) in 1986 and now live in Norfolk. My painting medium is acrylic on wood. Over twenty five years of exhibiting around the UK and Europe has given my work a wide and varied audience and I am pleased to be included in the Hove Arts "Collectors Selection" in 2013. Solo exhibitions are planned with Mandell's Gallery, Norwich (2014) and Fosse Gallery, Stow on the Wold (2015).

Pamela Leung  
Ceramic scupltor, born in Hong Kong and trained in England, who exhibited extensively in Britain and abroad. Pamela’s work combines Chinese and Western influences and defies easy classification. Her sculptures are refreshingly playful and, like a good fable, each piece posesses a hidden moral. Sadly Pamela died in 2011 after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

Peter Lancaster   Painting

Peter was born and educated in Brighton. Following National Service in the RAF he combined a career in retail management with fashion illustration. Throughout his business career he continued his major ambition to sketch and paint. He has ben a regular exhibitor at the Sussex Artists Open Exhibition at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and his work, mainly landscapes and marines in oil, has been shown in galleries across Sussex. Peter's work is motivated by a desire to capture and convey the unique qualities of the Sussex atmosphere.

Pongtarin Bejrachandra
"I work as an architect, painter and composer. I am interested in using concepts and processes from one art form to manipulate and create other art forms. In my recent work, I look for a way to communicate the beauty of hidden / unseen structures.”
Pongtarin studied architecture in Bangkok and Music Technology in Brighton before completing postgraduate studies at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. He now lives in Bangkok where he has a design studio with his wife Aksorn. He has exhibited in Bangkok and continues to produce work for exhibition in UK. 

Jonathan Angell

Hands-on creative mechanical innovator who has exhibited world wide. Designer of special effects in film and theatre, including work for Harry Potter, Band of Brothers, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He showed mechanical windmills at Collectors' Selection.